Ham-of-the-Year Nomination Guidelines

Each year the Umpqua Valley ARC honors one member with the Ham-of-the-Year Award.  Many club members are good ambassadors for amateur radio.  This is our opportunity to recognize and honor one of these unsung heroes.  All it takes is some thought and a short letter to the selection committee.

The award is based on the following:
1.  Someone in the club whom you think is an “ideal ham”.
2.  Someone who promotes amateur radio and uses good operating practices.
3.  Someone who does more than asked.
4.  Someone who works quietly in the background and is always there when needed.

1.   You may nominate someone who has already received the award.  Only current members are eligible to receive this award.
2.   You must state the reasons why you are nominating the person.
3.   Only one nomination per member will be accepted.
4.   You must use the nomination form.  E-mail nominations will not be accepted.
5.   Nominations must be sent or delivered, in a sealed envelope, addressed to the nominating committee chairperson.  Envelopes shall be opened by the chairperson when the committee meets for a decision.  The current award winner will serve as the chairperson, and the last two preceding winners will serve as committee members.  If any of the above are unable to serve, the next preceding winner or winners, as far back as necessary to establish full committee, will be used to make the current selection committee.
6.  The  committee shall meet in private to make their selection.
7.  A copy of these instructions and nonimating form shall be included in the October issue of Watt's Up.
8.  Selection will be made on quality, not the number of nominations.
9.  Deadline for nominating letters is the November meeting.
10. Ham-Of-The-Year Award is presented at the December meeting.
NOTE:  Any nominations not meeting the established guidelines or rules shall not be considered and the nomination shall be returned to the nominator with the appropriate explanation.