Frequently Asked Questions

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The radio operator licenses may be obtained through the FCC. Contact them at

A variety of topics are discussed at the monthly meetings, and at the various group meeting held weekly. Members are more than eager to assist new ham operators with questions. Please feel free to join one of our meetings.

Just submit a Membership Application with the annual dues

Any licensed ham radio operator living in Douglas County is invited to join.

Annual Dues are $ 24

Lifetime Membership Dues are $ 600

Terms of membership are from January thru December

A membership term is from January to December each year. Fees are need to be paid by January 31st.

You may use your debit/credit card or by check.

Check need to be made payable to UVARC and mailed to 13693 Little River Rd. Glide, OR 97443

Please feel free to send us an email. Please see our contact us information page.